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Making sure your family is provided for every day is something that is very important to you. Why stop providing for them even after you pass on? With a proper life insurance plan, you don’t have to. At Lynn Insurance, we offer a variety of plans through many different companies to ensure that your coverage fits your needs. As a licensed life insurance agent and broker located in the area, you know that you’re getting exceptional experience and the best selection of products when you choose to work with us.

Before selecting a specific plan for you, it’s vital to know the different types of life insurance that are available. The three most common varieties are:

  • Term: A term policy protects you for a specific period of time, usually around 20 years, and is generally more popular due to its less expensive nature. Because it tends to offer cheaper premiums, your family and beneficiaries are able to meet their financial goals while still being protected under your life insurance plan.
  • Whole: When you choose a whole life policy, you have protection throughout your life. With this plan, your fixed premiums are usually higher and your policy actually has a cash value that can serve as a savings component, unlike term.
  • Universal: A good combination of the two previous plans, a universal policy covers you throughout your life while remaining flexible in coverage and payment amounts. This flexibility does come with higher premiums, but it can also be used as an income replacement past working years as well as providing death benefit coverage.

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At Lynn Insurance, we proudly offer our services to the entire Missouri area as well as Arizona, North Carolina, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia, Ohio, Texas and Illinois. As an experienced insurance agent, we offer many types, including life, health and dental. Get your free quote today by calling our friendly team at 877-548-2958.

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