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We help people reduce their premiums and deductibles on health insurance.

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With so many changes in the health insurance field, it can be tough trying to figure out coverage for you and your family. From not being able to get covered through your employer to the offered plans being astronomical in costs, the last thing that you want to deal with is no insurance and a fine to go with it. At Lynn Insurance, we are here to help you and do everything in our power to get you premium policies at affordable costs. As a licensed health insurance agent, we offer a variety of quality medical and vision plans, including:

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO): When you choose a PPO plan, you have a network of doctors and hospitals to choose from. You are given the flexibility to choose physicians outside of your network, but it comes at a cost.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO): Like PPO, HMO plans also give you a network of hospitals and physicians to choose from, but you are unable to see doctors outside of your network.

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Proudly serving Missouri as well as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia, Ohio, Texas and Illinois.

DISCLAIMER: Health insurance products are not ACA compliant and may be subject to a tax penalty.

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We at Lynn Insurance work tirelessly to ensure that we provide you with the best prices and coverage that money can buy. Proudly serving Missouri, Arizona, North Carolina, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia, Ohio, Texas and Illinois, our health and dental insurance services can’t be beaten. Find out what we can do for you and your family by calling 847-971-3203 today.

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